Bud Lambert

Bud Lambert

Preparing qualified individuals to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the world through ministerial counseling using Spiritual Soul Therapy.

Being a ministry of the church, our mission parallels the mission Christ gave the church: 1) to build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:1-16) and 2) to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world (Matthew 28:19-20).

One of the Institute’s goals is to train Christian mental health counselors to be ministerial counselors. Many Christian mental health counselors have received training only in humanistic counseling theories and practices. We provide the biblical training that prepares them to provide ministerial counseling as counseling missionaries and counseling ministers. Our students are trained to help individuals, couples, and families experience the “fruit of the Spirit,” not the fruit of a counselor, science, or psychology.

Another goal is to train preachers in ministerial counseling. Often preachers are asked to provide counseling for the congregations with whom they serve. However, many have not received adequate training to do so confidently and effectively. We provide the biblical and counseling training that equips preachers to provide effective ministerial counseling.

We achieve these goals by providing a two-year, graduate-level program of study. During their first year, students take classes in biblical studies and biblical counseling. They are also required to receive ministerial counseling.
During their second year, students receive clinical supervision while they provide ministerial counseling services to the community and churches in Dickson and surrounding counties through the Walnut Street Church of Christ’s community counseling center, which is scheduled to open September 2016.

Mental health counselors graduate with the designation Master Spiritual Soul Therapist. Preachers graduate with the designation Certified Spiritual Soul Therapist.

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