Our church family is blessed with a rich history. “As early at 1880, the new testament church was represented in Dickson, a town of less than 1,000 residents at the time.” By 1891 the first protracted meeting was held, lasting a month, resulting in the organization of a congregation that would become known as Walnut Street Church of Christ. There would be many challenges to face in spreading the gospel here and around the world. At each step the talent was in place to meet the task at hand.

An important part of our history is our annual Vacation Bible School, also known as Family Bible School. An impressive picture of Vacation Bible School 1949 was taken in front of the War Memorial Building. 1,019 people were present. Perhaps you have seen it. A number of years later I can remember coming over from Nashville as a young child with my father and participating in a VBS. Our present day Family Bible School is rooted in a rich history.

This year’s theme, “When God Guides, God Provides”, (July 13th to 16th) will provide something for everyone. Please save these dates. Children, youth, and adults will have meaningful opportunities each evening. Obviously our young children have a carefully planned experience. Our Youth Ministers, Bob Spencer and Alan Ragan, will provide unique lessons for our 6th through 12th grades. In addition, adults will find a class each evening specifically designed for them.

Many of you will be serving the needs of our Family Bible School. Thank you for saying “yes” to John and Robyn Lampley, who organize and serve this effort.

Finally, please remember that Family Bible School provides a great opportunity to reach out to neighbors and friends with an invitation to come join in the experience. Family Bible School is truly one of our roots to grow.