We extend our sympathy to Kelley Littleton in the loss of her grandmother, Mildred Jordan, who passed away Sunday.  Her funeral was yesterday at Dickson Funeral Home in White Bluff.

 We extend our sympathy to Lori Giordano and family in the loss of her brother-in-law Terry Luther, who was killed in a hunting accident on Saturday.

We wish to congratulate Grant Smiley, who was baptized Monday evening.  Grant is the son of Brad & Beth Smiley.

 Congratulations to Roger “Peanut” Miles who was baptized Sunday Morning. 

Prayers are requested for:

  • Janet Bass, who will leave Saturday for a mission trip to Guatemala; she will return the following Saturday
  • Todd Ragan, who is recovering from surgery to remove a blockage
  • Earl Denton, who has returned home from the hospital (no visitors at this time please)
  • Chad Fussell, who has arrived safely in Tacloban, Philippines (returns on Tuesday, 11/24)
  • Margaret Fielder, who is recovering at home
  • Lyle Ferrell, who has returned to Olive Branch; recovering from a fall
  • Kim Yates, (niece of Pamela Massie) who found out Friday she has cervical cancer
  • Perry Turner, who did not receive good results from his last tests
  • Debbie Meacham,(sister of Barbara Beasley) who has a blood clot in her leg
  • Linda Menefee, (mother of Jana Curico) who has been placed under Hospice care

NHC: Barbara Wellons (room 102A)

Select Specialty Hospital: Sean Moore (room 2512)

Other Announcements:

If you would like to lead a song for the upcoming Thanks Singing, please contact the church office with your song title and selected verses by Monday, November 16.  You can also email Lesa at lesa.wscoc@comcast.net.

Walnut Street’s annual Heart-Felt food event will be held Sunday, November 15.  Grocery lists and boxes are available at the Information Booth if you would like to box your own food.  If you choose to box groceries yourself, please be sure to mark through UPC codes on all of the items.

If you have borrowed any tables and chairs, please return them to the building. We have several upcoming events and they will be needed.

The Young Adult Group will have a “Friday the 13th” bonfire at the home of Paul & Belinda Cummings (Friday, 11/13) at 6 PM.

 Going Deeper Bible reading for today: Matthew 27; Mark 15

 Today’s Birthdays: Seth Gilliland, Carol Heflin, Brantley Mangrum, Sonya Marlin, Marie Sawyer

Today’s Anniversaries: Mark & Marla Corlew, Amy & Anthony Fizer

 When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, they were filled with awe and said, “Truly this was the Son[i] of God!” Matthew 27:54