We extend our sympathy to Barbara Wellons in the loss of her sister, Doris Katheris, who passed away yesterday.  Visitation will be held Sunday from 2-8 PM and Monday from 9 AM until the time of the time of the funeral service at 11 AM at the Bennett-Bertram Funeral Home in New Haven, KY. She was the aunt of Lonnie Walls.

We extend our sympathy to Eloyce Reed and family in the loss of her nephew, David Dwight Corlew.  He was the cousin of Joe Corlew and Mark Corlew. Funeral services will be held today at 2 PM at Dickson Funeral Home.

Prayers are requested for:

  •  Nelda Spencer, who has moved to NHC room 112A
  • Randy Spurlock, who is undergoing more tests
  • Bobby Prosser, who has returned home from the hospital
  • Kathy Harmon, (mother of Bill Harmon) who is undergoing chemotherapy
  • Ted Barber, who has returned home from the hospital
  • Larry Craddock, (friend and co-worker of Bob Williams) who is in ICU with a head injury from a fall on the ice
  • Jane Daniel, (wife of Charlie Daniel, mother of Ellen Davidson and Chuck Daniel) who will be undergoing treatments for lung cancer
  • Chris Nelson, (nephew of Val Erranton) who is recovering from cancer surgery
  • Carlee Beam, (niece of Chad and Ashley Fussell) whose surgery went well
  • Roger Michael, recovering from a heart procedure
  • Leah Peeler, who is recovering at home
  • Sharon Webster, who is recovering at home
  • Juliet Smith, (mother of Michelle LeCompte) who is ill
  • Brandon Keele, (grandson of Charles & Miriam Keele) who is at St. Thomas being treated for migraines
  • Mark Bean, (brother of Peggy Bean) who is undergoing chemotherapy this week
  • Wayne Clark, (brother-in-law of Neal Williams) who is undergoing chemotherapy

Horizon Medical Center: Horace Litton (father of JoAnne Brown, no visitors at this time)

NHC: Alicia Daniel (room 118A)

Other Announcements:

All ladies are invited to a come-and-go baby shower honoring Marilyn Sensing on Tuesday, February 23 from 6:30-8 PM in the Gathering Room.  She is registered at Target, Babies-R-Us and Wal-Mart.  (It’s a boy)

Ladies, be sure to sign up for Walnut Street’s upcoming Ladies’ Day to be held Saturday, March 5!  Robyn Lampley will present a lesson entitled “Counting All Joy; What the Bible Teaches about Adversity”.  A sign-up sheet to bring brunch foods and to decorate a table can be found in the Gathering Room.

Habitat for Humanity is in need of a few volunteers for a project beginning on February 27.  If you are interested in helping, contact Joe Deweese at jedweese@gmail.com.

Walking Through The Word Bible reading for today: Mark 8

 Today’s Birthdays: Ivy Cummings, Crystal Hinson, Miles Johnson

Today’s Anniversaries: None

Saturday’s Birthdays: Aden Cardona, Priscilla Hargrove, Ken Johnson, David Polk

Saturday’s Anniversaries: None

Sunday’s Birthdays: None

Sunday’s Anniversaries: BJ & Cindy Garton